Taking Control of Your Diabetes

Don’t Let Others Affect Your Good Diabetes Control

Many people with diabetes don’t want others to know they have diabetes.  Often this causes problems.  Problems at work, problems at home and even problems with your diabetes control.  Sometimes, instead of following a healthy eating, monitoring, and activity regimen, diabetics will just go with the crowd.  They’ll eat the fries, burgers, and shakes, or pizza and beer, and won’t bother to check blood sugars.  People who follow this pattern don’t want to call any attention to their diabetes, so they ignore it.  It seems as though they are embarrassed to take care of themselves.

The point is you should not be embarrassed about the fact you have diabetes.  What you SHOULD be embarrassed about it the fact that you don’t take proper care of your health.  Controlling your diabetes should be at the top of your to-do list no matter what any person thinks about it.  Without control you are doomed.

Without daily diabetes control, you are destined for complications of diabetes.  Complications like kidney disease, kidney failure, blindness, numbness and loss of feeling in your hands and feet, amputations, heart attack, heart disease, hypertension, and strokes are all possible complications of poorly controlled diabetes.

With all the potential health problems, why is it that most diabetics don’t take proper care of themselves?  For some, it is lack of understanding.  They don’t understand how to control their diabetes.  For others, they know what to do, but they seem to have trouble making the lifestyle changes required to get good diabetes control.  Still others get into the mode of “it won’t happen to me.  I’m doing OK now so I don’t have any reason to change.

Don’t believe it.  If you are a diabetic you must control your blood sugars for optimal health and longevity.  The body is not able to handle the higher blood sugars of most diabetics.  Every system in your body gets blood flow.  Blood flowing through your body with high glucose levels does damage.  Over time this damage shows up as chronic conditions especially with the eyes, the kidneys, the heart, and the feet.  There is good news.  By committing to making necessary lifestyle changes you can prevent the majority of these complications.

Diabetics can live a healthy and normal life with proper control.  Some type 2 diabetics are even able to go off medications with proper diet and activity levels.

How does one make these lifestyle changes and what is involved? First off it involves a mindset that you can make the necessary changes.

You must realize the importance of controlling your diabetes…not only for you, but for your family and friends.  Remember, if you are stricken with diabetes complications, you may no longer be able to function normally.  Those around you may have to help you with daily life.  None of us wants to be dependent upon others for our care.  The choice is yours.  Take control on a daily basis or suffer…It seems to me it should be an easy decision.  Sadly, for most they choose just to wait and see what happens.

As a diabetic for many years, I’ve talked with many and have watched many diabetics suffer the consequences of poor control.  They all say one thing,”I wish I had looked after myself.” Or “I wish I had done things differently.  If only I cold go back.”  Unfortunately, once complications occur you can’t go back. You simply have another chronic condition you must learn to control.  I’ll never forget being at my cousin’s funeral. She died of the diabetes complication of kidney failure at just 42 leaving behind a husband and an 11 year old daughter.  I kept thinking, “Was there anything else I could have said to her to help her take better control of her diabetes?

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.  If you currently have complications of diabetes, you can improve your condition with better control.  Some damage may be reversed depending on the severity of your condition.  Always strive for good diabetes control, but just as with those in pre-diabetes state, it is much better to make the choice for preventive care rather than face the consequences.

As I write this, I wish I had a way to shout it out to all those affected and potentially affected with diabetes.  Manage your blood sugars, eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and exercise daily.  This simple combination will do wonders for anyone with diabetes or in the pre-diabetes state.

Initially, it is not easy to make these types of changes.  Once you do and begin to see the results you will be amazed and have the motivation to continue.  It does take time and it does take dedication.  Just remember, without your health nothing else in your life will be the same.  Learn to control diabetes before it is too late.



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Who is Managing Your Diabetes?

You have diabetes.  If someone asks you about your diabetes management, you most likely will respond with the name of the doctor you see for your diabetes. But, how much and how well does your doctor really contribute to your diabetes management?

Consider for a moment that the average visit to a diabetic health care professional lasts at most one hour (usually much less). The remainder of the time the quality of your diabetes health and your day-to-day life is up to you.

This fact makes it crucial that you take daily proactive control of your diabetes management and your life.  There are many qualified health care professionals available to teach you everything you need to know about diabetes management… diet, exercise, blood sugar monitoring, and other important facts of diabetes.  In order to get better diabetes control, it is up to you to take that knowledge and apply it daily.  Daily actions such as healthy eating, blood sugar monitoring, and exercise is the only way to beat diabetes and win back your health

 Diabetes Affects More Than Just Your Body

Diabetes affects every area of your body as well as every area of your life whether you realize it or not.  It is difficult for most of us to keep everything in mind each and every day of our lives.   Remember, there are so many things affecting your diabetes that it is likely your best control won’t happen in just a day or two. It takes time. Step-by-step, day by day, you can gain better diabetes control. The time spent is well worth the rewards of a normal, long, healthy, and happy life.

 Your Life With Diabetes

Don’t be too hard on yourself as you tackle your life with diabetes.  Do be persistent and consistent at learning all you can and applying all you know to make your life the best you can make it. Living with diabetes is difficult. Almost everything you do and every part of your body’s functions affects your diabetes. For these reasons, good diabetes control demands your active participation every day.

Without daily control, diabetes is often destructive and deadly. Left untreated it may result in heart attacks, strokes, blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. That’s right, I’ll state the gloom and doom clearly—- diabetes can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences if you treat it casually. While you need to be very much aware of these possibilities, don’t dwell on them.  Do be aware these complications can happen to you if you don’t take control and make the changes in your life that are necessary to control diabetes.

 Be ProActive…Don’t Worry About Diabetes

Rather than worrying about your diabetes, spend your time learning and implementing preventive measures.  If you currently have problems with some of the complications caused by diabetes, concentrate on improving and maintaining, rather than losing the fight to the negatives of diabetes.

Usually when you’re given the diagnosis of diabetes, you don’t consider how much diabetes takes control of your life.  Most people automatically think about the fact they have to change their eating habits.  Yes, with diabetes eating a healthy diet is a crucial step to diabetes control, but there is much more to consider once you have diabetes. Managing diabetes involves much more than just taking a pill. With a positive attitude, and a change in your actions you can beat diabetes.  Beat diabetes on a daily basis, step-by-step and your health and your life will improve.
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